How to import some RCS files to CVS repository?

How to import some RCS files to CVS repository?

Post by Feng Zh » Thu, 23 Dec 1993 05:44:02


1. How do I import the existing RCS history into CVS?

We've been using RCS very simply for several years, mainly to assign
symbolic names for later extraction.  I just installed CVS 1.3 and RCS
5.6, and I'd like to be able to "import" not just the current RCS
revision keywords, but the complete RCS history, with its symbolic
names and many revision levels.  I can think of several klutzy ways,
such as extract and update on each and every RCS level of each and
every file, but it would be real nice to just dump the existing RCS
files directly into CVS.

Is this a pipe dream, or does anybody have experience enough to give
me a clue?

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