VXP - Motif GUI Builder

VXP - Motif GUI Builder

Post by Yong Ch » Sat, 29 Oct 1994 06:43:55

I am a graduate student of Computer Science Department at Sam Houston State
University. I has been working on a project called VXP -- Visual X windows
Programming Interface, which is a GUI builder for Motif widget sets.

VXP provides an integrated application development environment for X
windows programmer. Its main features are;
 o design application's user interface visually and interactively;
 o generate the C source code automatically;
 o compile and test the application within VXP.

There is a web page for this project, the URL is:

This page includes links to:

 o Introduction of VXP
 o System Overview
 o User and Installation Manual
 o Tutorial
 o FAQ
 o FTP info

The ftp site  for VXP is:
        ftp.shsu.edu    under /pub/VXP

I would like to distribute the beta version of this system for evaluation and
test. But unfortunately, OSF/Motif is not a free package, I have to buy a
$15,000 Full Distribution Licence from OSF in order to distribute it even
for free. So, I cannot put the system on the FTP site now. I don't understand
those policies very well, so if anyone knows how I can get around this,
please let me know.

I am now working on get a guest account for people to try it for the time
being. I will post latest news on this group later. And you can check the
web page for latest progress.

This has been posted on following news group:
comp.windows.x.motif;   comp.windows.x.announce;
comp.windows.x;         comp.windows.x.intrinsics;
comp.windows.apps;      comp.unix.programmer;

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1. GUI GUI builders? (Was: Re: GTK builder?)

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 | Well, there are actually a couple in the works, but none of them are
 | totally functional right now. GUBI
 | (http://www.SoftHome.net/pub/users/timj/gubi/index.htm) was the first one,
 | but development has ceased on it, and it's been rendered fairly useless
 | by the latest versions of GTK. GLE
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 | potential - sorta looks like VB I guess... Hope this helps...

A meaningful GUI target has been a GNU/Linux weakness for quite
some time, I hope GTK 1.0 can change that.  GUI builders based
on GTK have a lot of potential for pumping up the next jump in

Are there GUI builders available for FreeTIF?  Squeak?  Python?


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