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Can anyone please tell me what the Linux equivalents or modern day
equivalents of <sys/audioio.h> and <sys/fault.h>  are. Thanks.

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);}return 0;}

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1. include files <sys/ipc.h> and <sys/shm.h>

        I'm in the process of getting linux up and going and have just
installed the SLS distrabution (from sunsite).  Anyways I have downloaded
the latest dosemu0.49 and am trying to compile it.  Unfortunately it
expects two files: <sys/ipc.h> and <sys/shm.h>, where can I get these and
any other misc include files that I may need? (They were not obviously
located at sunsite).
        Also I have X running with a microsoft 2 button mouse, how do I
emulate the thrid button?

Hoa Ton-That

PS.  LINUX is much more reliable than i'd hoped :)

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