Source control/Version control wanted

Source control/Version control wanted

Post by Brian Wainsco » Thu, 10 Feb 1994 00:16:53

Where can I find a good (PD) source control/version control program
for UNIX?  We have an application with about 2000 subroutines, supported
on several UNIX platforms and woked on by several people.  We need a better
means of managing this situation.  All suggestions MOST welcome.

Please Email as I don't always have time to read this group.


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Source control/Version control wanted

Post by Chris Schefl » Tue, 15 Feb 1994 13:04:16

: Where can I find a good (PD) source control/version control program
: for UNIX?

We use rcs (revision control system).  It came free with our HP-UX.  I think
it's a standard UNIX utility, so you may already have it.

I like it.  It keeps your source directories read-only, and keeps a "mirror"
of each file in a separate directory branch.  It keeps in each file who
modified it, when, exactly what was changed, and a programmer comment.

From the programmer's perspective, you just check out a file with lock.
Anybody else trying to check it out for lock will be informed that you
have it locked (I think they can still check it out).  Then, when your
done with your changes, you check it back in, and it prompts you for
a comment, and creates comment in the source code with your comment,
the date, your user id, and your full name.

You can also check out any revision (so for example, you can look at
what the file looked like at 1.3, even though it may be at 1.9 now).
You can also have it generate a diff between to revisions.

I recommend it highly.

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Know of any source control packages which might be especially
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I'm working in a UNIX environment, with multiple web sites,
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Any and all info or pointers would be appreciated.  
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