Solaris 8 Parallel Port problem on SPARC

Solaris 8 Parallel Port problem on SPARC

Post by CrazyMa » Thu, 30 Aug 2001 02:39:22

Hi all!

I'm having problems while talking to a parallel port on Solaris 8 on
SPARC. After doing an open, I tried to set it to the compatible mode
using ioctl(fd, ECPP_COMP_MODE, ..) but the command did not succed. I
did the same thing on Solaris 2.6, then it worked. Does anyone know
any problem or driver change in Parrallel port interface. I read the
"man ecpp", they're supposed to be the same.

Thanks for any response.


1. port below the parallel port on the Sparc 20

Sun makes a little 8-inch pigtail which converts the special output to
AUI (thicknet).  You can use a microtransciever to get 10 base 2
(thin coax), unless I'm mistaken.  They also have one which has an AUI
port, and a connector to an external audio speaker box.

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