ArabDox, Multilingual Document Management System

ArabDox, Multilingual Document Management System

Post by G. N. Hall » Sat, 05 Apr 2003 12:20:18


ArabDox is an Arabic/English/French Document Management
System that offers enterprises an integrated solution to manage the
growing amount of non-structured information found in documents.
The process starts by capturing information from all sources (paper,
microfilm, fax, e-mail, text, HTML, etc.), describes this
information with database attributes and finally makes this
information available and searchable through a web browser.


- The ArabDox Explorer is used to manage the Repository
  in a similar way to the usual Windows Explorer, where
  you can select an item from the hierarchy tree and access
  all functions allowed at that time.
- More than one version for the same document can be
  made allowing you to return to the original version
  whenever you want.
- The user can switch between three interface languages
  (Arabic, English and French).
- ArabDox uses XML as a standard way for exchanging
  documents and data between different servers.
- ArabDox supports sending or receiving documents via fax.
- Images are an integral part of an ArabDox document,
  where you can add, delete, modify, re-order and drag &
  drop document images.
- ArabDox supports Access Control List (ACL), so that
  only authorized users can access files, images, etc.
- ArabDox supports electronic signature verification for
  maximum security
- ArabDox components are programmable using either
  COM or ActiveX and can be integrated into any
  application. The ArabDox APIs can image-enable
  database applications.

ArabDox is characterized by unique features that stem from the
seamless integration with Sakhr's powerful search engine and
OCR such as:  

- Search in document properties and content in one query.
- Automatic extraction of document index fields using the OCR.
- Linking document text to its position in the original image.
- Highlighting search results, in both document content text
  and in the original image.


ArabDox integrates the IDRISI search engine to offer advanced
bilingual search features such as:

- Search using a query of one or more attributes such as
  Basic Index fields (from the SQL Database), Document
  class index fields, Content (Free Text search), Attached
  files (Free Text search) or Annotations (Free Text search).

- Search queries can be stored for later use.

Pentium II - Pentium III 700
    300 MB 600 MB
      64 MB 128 MB
Windows NT 4.0 Server SP4 or Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Server  MS SQL Server or Oracle

Pentium II - Pentium III 550
    100 MB 200 MB
      32 MB 64 MB
 A-Win 95, 98, 2000, NT Windows 2000 or NT 4.0

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AramediA Group  
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Boston, MA 02122, USA

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