errors of Device/File busy

errors of Device/File busy

Post by Prakash Mishr » Wed, 10 Oct 2001 13:50:44

I am getting repeated errors of Device/File busy. Under what conditions this
error may arise ? I am using RedHat7.1

1. 2.4.18: Re-read table failed with error 16: Device or resource busy - error

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I am Ruinning a (SuSE patched) 2.4.18 kernel and encountered the fdisk
repartition problem mentioned above. I know that I could solve the problem by
rebooting but I am interested if this is really needed since in my case a
data recovery job was finally killed after 12 hours because there was not
enough RAM or SWAP. I saw already very early that there could be a problem
with swap and there was enough unpartitioned disk space to add swap, but the
kernel would not let me.

What I did was to add a partition on a disk that has other mounted (e.g. root)
partitions on it. I did not change the numbering or positions of any of the
partitions in use.The new partition was simply added after all existing

So the question is why does the kernel deny to reread the partiton table and
force me to reboot instaed of simply doing the reread? Are there any good
reasons for this "bad" behaviour?

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