diff -D

diff -D

Post by Jeff Morr » Mon, 05 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hi there.  I recently used diff with the -D option to create a merged
source file.  After working with it for a while, I would now like to undo
the process (ie, re-separate the source files).  I've looked all through
man pages and web pages to try and find an answer--to no avail.

Anyone know how to do this?

Please respond to the list and via email.  Thanks.

Jeff Morrow


1. 2 diff. xservers and diff. resolutions


sorry if this is a novice question, i have searched a lot and found
nothing  that fully solve it.

we are developing an application that will have 2 monitors connected.
That will be in Solaris 2.6 most likely.

Two different resolutions and two different Xservers ( 'Xsun' for the
m64 g-card at 1280x1024 and 'Xtsi' for a 'Raptor 2K' g-card at 2048x2048

It has to be like that, for the moment, since AFAIK 'Xsun' does not
support the Raptor card and 'Xtsi' does not support the m64 card. Both
work fine if i start one each time as independent Xservers.

Also working when launched as two independent xservers at the same time:

     openwin -dev /dev/fb1  ( X --> /opt/X11R6/bin/Xtsi ) [The raptor
     Xsun :1 -dev /dev/fb0  (the m64 card)

only problem is with keyboard and mouse, that i suppose has to be
disabled on one of the 'xservers'

i have read of X11R6.4 or Xsun in Solaris 2.7 with the '-xinerama'
option. Does X11R6.4 with xinerama option also work OK in Solaris 2.6

I have also tested another commercial SW that works on several monitors
as if they were only one, but unfortunately does not support the Raptor

-------------- The question:
is there any solution to start two different 'xservers' (with two diff.
resolutions) at the same time as if they were the same 'xserver'  ???.
They should pass any mouse/keyboard event to the other one when needed.

Thank you for any suggestion.

F. Javier Cobas

Pls. delete NOJUNKPLS. to reach me by e-mail

F. Javier Cobas

Pls. delete NOJUNKPLS. to reach me by e-mail

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