GUI front end to CVS

GUI front end to CVS

Post by Tim Skinn » Sat, 16 Apr 1994 00:37:12

I heard vague rumours (don't remember where) that there is a graphical
front end to CVS - am I right ?  If so where can I find it.

Does anyone know of any other GUI based version control systems.  I am
basically looking for a tool that is capable of managing a multi-user
development with a nice easy to use (idiot proof) interface.

Many thanks in advance.


GUI front end to CVS

Post by Indus Consultancy Servic » Thu, 21 Apr 1994 23:17:18

        We have a requirement for encrypting 9 character long social
        security number into a valid dos file name  which has a base length
        of upto 8 characters and can have extension of upto 3 characters.
        Does any one know of any such algorithms?

Thanx in advance


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