Release engineer position available

Release engineer position available

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Hello all -


Kh*Research Inc. seeks a full-time skilled software engineer with
release and software process experience. Responsibilities will include
developing installation and registration programs, coordinating the
installation of new software features/changes, tracking and monitoring
software bugs, installing software on supported architectures, and
working with software developers, quality assurance, marketing, and
customers to produce products for external distribution.

This position requires at least a B.S. in computer science, computer
engineering, or related disciplines and two years work experience.
Work experience may be substituted for education on a year-for-year
Must be experienced in UNIX software engineering, revision control
systems (CVS, preferably), bug tracking, release engineering, software
installation, and C, perl, and sh programming. Excellent verbal and
written communication skills are imperative.  UNIX system
administration experience is a plus.

Competitive salary and excellent benefits. Submit resume to:

Kh*Research Inc.
Att: Human Resources
6001 Indian School Rd. NE Suite 200
Albuquerque, NM 87110
FAX (505) 881-3842

No phone calls please.



1. Position Available for SGI Performance Engineer

System Performance Engineer

Silicon Graphics, Inc. - Interactive Systems Division

Mountain View, California


I am looking for a performance engineer.  The IDEAL candidate would have:

1) Excellent programming skills (Fortran and C)
2) Experience with MIPS compilers (Fortran and C)
3) Experience with Unix profiling tools and UNIX operating system
4) Knowledge of MIPS assembler, microprocessor architecture, instruction
5) Knowledge of computer system architecture
5) Good communication skills, including writing
6) Performance tuning experience
7) A competitive attitude

This person will be responsible for system performance on current and
future high end desktop systems from SGI.  This includes tuning standard
benchmarks (SPEC, AIM, linpack etc.) and OS tuning.  It also involves
some tuning of customer-specific benchmarks and applications for large
sales opportunities.  This person will follow up with the compiler group,
OS group, and system design groups with performance improvements or fixes
for these systems.  I am looking for someone who can use Unix performance
tools (pixie, prof and others) to tune code for the best possible results.

This position is key to communicating our performance capabilities to
other engineering groups, the press, marketing groups, and our sales
force.  Therefore, this person must have good communication skills,
including clear and concise technical writing skills and experience in
public speaking to large groups.  Understanding the strengths and
of the system and developing strategies to compete with other
is very important.  Conveying that information to appropriate marketing
groups and the sales force is critical.

REQUIRED Education and Experience (Qualifications)
 - CS/EE degree (if new college graduate, GPA must be over 3.5 out of 4.0)
 - Experience tuning code in a Unix environment (at least two years
   but new college graduates are welcome to apply if they have performance
   tuning experience).
 - Knowledge of C, FORTRAN, development tools, and performance tools
   in a Unix environment.
 - Understanding of modern CPU and system architectures.
 - Ability and desire to communicate performance issues at both a
   and non-technical level.

This is not strictly an entry position, nor is it strictly a senior
position.  Performance expectations and salary will obviously scale
with the applicant's qualifications and amount of experience.

If you are interested, please send an ASCII or Postscript resume to

formats will likely be routed to the circular file.


Desktop Performance Engineering  Silicon Graphics Computer Systems

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