SUMMARY flatten yp/NIS tree

SUMMARY flatten yp/NIS tree

Post by Martin R.J. Cleav » Mon, 24 May 1993 06:47:34

I said:

Quote:>>I would like to be able to specify a netgroup and get a list of all the
>>machines in that netgroup - has anybody done this already ?

I had 3 responses, so I include them all:

Well, you could obviously write a quick perl script to do this, but in the
rare instances I want to do this I just use the NIS netgroup.byhost map and
        ypcat -k netgroup.byhost | egrep '[ ,]comp[, ]|,comp$'

to get a list of the hosts in the "comp" netgroup.  A quick pipe into cut(1)
will pretty up the output for you if you'd prefer it that way.

        ypcat -k netgroup.byhost | egrep '[ ,]comp[, ]|,comp$' | cut -d. -f1

Obviously this could be translated into a shellscript or shell alias.
Please note, this can miss some special cases, like only one host in the
netgroup, but you can easily extend the regex to cover it.


Here's a sed command I conned a friend into creating.
It does not recurse the tree, however.

ypmatch netgroup_name netgroup | sed -e "s:(\([^,][^,]*\),[^(][^(]*:\1 :g"


If you can use C code instead, try

        File: /pub/netgroup.tar.z (gzip'ed)

It can print netgroups and do various set operations on them.


Thanks to all, for what I want the top is the most useful (though how would I extend the egrep to cover just one name in the group?



1. flatten yp/NIS tree

I would like to be able to specify a netgroup and get a list of all the machines in that netgroup - has anybody done this already ?

        ypcat -k netgroup gives a list of machines or other netgroups, like:

                key group1 group2 group3


        ypmatch -k group1 netgroup gives:

                group1 (machine1.1,, ) (machine1.2,, )

        ypmatch -k group2 netgroup gives:

                group2 (machine2.1,, ) (machine2.2,, )

so I want to be able to say:

        ypflatten key netgroup to give:

                machine1.1 machine1.2 machine2.1 machine2.2

        and this to recurse all the way down the tree.

I would prefer if it was a shell script,

 Thanks for your help, if you could mail me your comments please, I don't
 get to look at the newsgroup very often!

Martin Cleaver

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