RPC 4.0 vs RPC 4.1 vs TI RPC

RPC 4.0 vs RPC 4.1 vs TI RPC

Post by Dale Wellbo » Fri, 09 Jul 1993 05:35:39


Two quick RPC related questions (from an RPC newbie):

1) I have the source to Sun's RPCSRC4.0 (found using archie). A Sun text -
   "The Art of Distributed Applications" - refers to a newer release
   RPCSRC4.1. However, using archie I am unable to locate this version.

   Does anyone know of this release, and, if so, from where is it available?

2) While archie'ing, I came across TIRPC (the Transport Independent RPC). The
   above Sun text describes TIRPC as working with the TLI (Transport Layer
   Interface) and using STREAMS rather than SOCKETS. Now, I know nothing
   of STREAMS, but could a client built with TIRPC make an RPC call to a server
   built with socket-based RPC (RPCSRC4.0) (assuming that the network
   protocol [TCP/IP or UCP/IP] is the same)?

   The TIRPC states that the code is backwards source compatible, but does
   not mention what to expect when calling a non TI/TLI server (or a client).

   I guess I'm asking if a TIRPC client/server (using STREAMS) work with a
   RPC server/client (using SOCKETS) if using the same network protocol?

Thank you.

Dale Wellborn

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I am scoping a project that involves porting a client/server application
from one UNIX platform to another. The original app uses HP/Apollo's
NCS Remote Procedure Calls (which is a pre-cursor to DCE RPC) and the
target platform (an SVR4 derivative) currently supports Sun's ONC RPC.

Are there any development/runtime packages that aid in translating
between DCE RPC and ONC RPC?

Thanks for your help,
Dan Krantz

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