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Conduit Communications is a dynamic database communications consultancy, building leading-edge IT
solutions to expand the realm of traditional marketing for a range of blue-chip clients including
Mobil Oil, Legal & General, Chemical Bank and British Sugar.

An opportunity exists for a UNIX 'C' developer with considerable database experience, to build
and support UNIX utilities and Oracle databases.

The ideal candidate is likely to be between 22 to 26 years of age, and must be well presented
with good verbal/written communication skills.

The successful candidate should have at least a good degree in a Copmputing-related subject, and
3 A-Levels with a good pass in Mathematics, as well as 1 - 2 years of solid 'C' programming in a
UNIX environment and a minimum of 1 years exposure to SQL databases. Oracle is not essential but
would be advantageous. (Other databases considered would be SYBASE, INFORMIX, INGRES, SQLBase).

Knowledge of Oracle PRO*C would also be a major advantage, as would some Visual C++ experience.

Experience of developing GUI applications using SQLWindows or other GUI development tools would
be of interest.

Having worked on a number of projects, the candidate must express a desire to work in the UNIX
environment as well as developing GUI applications using various tools.

The candidate must also demonstrate reasonable knowledge of having used UNIX tools such as Vi,
ksh and awk, continuously over a period of at least 12 months. Probably having used these tools
as part of a project implementation or in a support role.

If you are interested in the above vacancy, please send your CV and covering letter to:

     Iain MacDonald
     Conduit Communications Ltd.
     17 Berghem Mews
     Blythe Road
     London W14 0HN



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