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        I am looking for pointers/code/refs. for license management
        for a UNIX based application.

        Thanks in advance,


1. License management on workstations

Hi Netlanders, I am posting this for a friend, who does not have internet
access, but is keen to have your advice and views. Please mail your responses

Are there any out there in netland who can share their experience, war stories,
recommendations, etc. concerning license management software, particularly from
a system management perspective?

A group of our users is preparing to implement license management in an
application they are developing. They intend to use a third party package, but
they have not yet decided whose product they will purchase.

Although the Sun License Manager is the most obvious candidate, others must be
considered to insure the best cross-platform compatibility. Packages like those
from Highland, Elan, Hewlett-Packard, and Quality Software are under scrutiny.
Are there others worth looking at?

Should we be alert for any special demands that these packages may place on the
system, either generically or for any specific product? Although this is not
a forum for application questions, we will also accept any advice in that area
that you may want to provide and will pass it on to the developers.

when the inputs taper off.

Sebastian Ho
GeoQuest Systems, Inc.

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