C_Monster Object Repository v2.0 Alpha

C_Monster Object Repository v2.0 Alpha

Post by George Marc Cars » Sun, 29 May 1994 10:59:59

Greetings USENET News Readers,

we are nearing the end of the term for our Alpha program

as we begin purchasing "real" advertizing, the $20 offer
will quickly disappear -- so far, no bugs have been found


Newsgroups: biz.comp.software
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Keywords: persistent object database ANSI C c stdio
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Subject: platform independent object repository

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To: lc...@hacgate.hac.com
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Subject: Re: Different views of a model

>(Larry Carroll) writes:
>I'm curious how a OODBMS would help with this problem.

i would love you to take a look at a product called C_Monster,
just to see if it might meet your needs

it was designed with esoteric data in mind (music, video, etc.)

pasted below are news postings which offer a description...

Newsgroups: comp.lang.c, comp.lang.c++, comp.unix.programmer, comp.object, comp.databases.object
Distribution: world
Keywords: persistent object database ANSI C c stdio
References: <m0paTxd-000BaPC@mercury.mcs.com>
Subject: ...more on C_Monster

>GCAR wrote:
>:C_Monster allows you to "roll your own" application -- it acts as
>:a repository for your objects and provides for complete, classical
>:object oriented data modeling, as well as flexible and sophisticated
>:retrieval techniques;  both full and partial data encapsulation are
>:supported, and while method logic is bound at compile time, method
>:invocation is context dependent;  dynamic binding of attributes and
>:relationships is achieved without sacrificing performance or storage

>afterward, tcu...@mcs.com (James Hanlon) writes:
>Where do the objects come from in the first place?

there is a sample application that is painfully easy to understand
but does not exploit the more subtle capabilities of the system...

as alluded in my posting, there are large components missing,
which are sorely needed if the product is to become successful,
but the engine is devastatingly efficient -- my instructor, who
was a PhD object database specialist visiting UTD from UCLA, did
not even believe it would be possible (he gave me a 120 on the
project, which was effectively a prototype for the current system)

>Do  you define an object architecture ? So you provide the definition?

the api defines a data model -- single inheritence, much like SmallTalk

the implementation defines an architecture in some respects, such as the
fact that the methods are "linked" into the application, but that could
be accomodated in a number of ways by a creative developer -- I will be
happy to help DESIGN anything a prospective "cooperative developer" is
ready to work on, within my time constraints...

>Anyway, the idea sounds interesting. It's easy to create objects, not so
>easy to understand and reuse somebody else's. If you're attacking that
>latter problem, more power to you.

do you want to show off by writing a smartass memo,
or by developing
some kickass software???
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Subject: Re: opportunity to participate...

>(Ralf E. Stranzenbach) writes:
>i've read your announce in comp.lang.c++ and i'm very interested in
>your system. But unfortunately i have no access to DOS - just using
>UNIX boxes.
>Is it - in any way - available for System-V or NeXTSTEP ?

I have .OBJ's for AMIGA System V (gcc), but to be honest, I am not
sure if they are current -- you can still get the package and review
the doc, sample app, etc., and I do not think we want to start talking
business until you have gone that far, at least...
References: <199403051116.AA20...@linus.socs.uts.EDU.AU>
Subject: Re: Your new database

>Mark Phillips writes:
>    Firstly I'm from Sydney Australia,
>so I'm unsure if you would be willing to allow me to alpha/beta test your database?

willing, provided you first send a negotiable instrument worth $20 U.S. and can
desegment+uudecode a v2.04G zipfile that will subsequently be sent to you in 32K chunks
-- alternatively, you may guesstimate cost of shipping a 3.5" diskette and add it on

(by the way, the reason we call this alpha is, we have no color glossy packaging,
 nor pretty documentation, but we think you will appreciate what is in the package)

>    I am currently looking around for another database that can provide me with
>better throughput ( and less hassles).
>    If the database looks suitable than I am willing to write an application
>on top of your system.

mui bueno -- we are VERY interested in comparisons

>Just to give you a bit more background I have a Portfolio management/analysis system
>in the middle of being developed on Object Design's Objectstore.
>I am less than impressed with a few aspects of the overall interface
>and so am having a bit of a look round to see what else is available.
>I am interested mainly in IBM's OS2 and then Microsoft's Windows 3.1.
>In the future I will be using microsoft's Windows NT and 32s....

we have compiled with IBM's C/Set2, but unfortunately, due to OS2 packaging
problems a la Big Blue, we have never actually produced an executable!!!

we have, however, run the demo app successfully under C/370 (MVS)

re: WIN, etc., C_Monster uses ANSI standard functions only,
so you can get as proprietary as you want, or not

>                                       Mark Phillips
>                                       Consultant Engineer
>                                       Niche Objects Pty Ltd

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Subject: Re: ...another C_Monster question

>(Bill Mitchell) writes:
>I haven't found the previous articles in this thread, so I can't
>backtrack the discussion.  However, I think it's clear that this
>is inappropriate for comp.lang.c on two counts:
>1.  It's MSDOS-specific.  Note the following from section 16.1
>    of the comp.lang.c FAQ:

NOTHING about C_Monster is platform specific, except the alpha distribution

the BEAUTY of the product's design is its extremely simple ANSI C function API,
which makes my posting a particularly excellent fit for comp.lang.c
(in my own humble opinion)

>2.  It is pandering of a commercial product.  This is always inappropriate
>    in discussion groups.  Offhand, I can't think of a forum where it
>    is appropriate, except perhaps comp.newprod.

do you get a kick out of giving people a hard time?

we are trying to find help putting together something that
which makes this a bonafide FYI and nothing more

the $20 fee for our alpha distribution is only earnest money

how many commercial database vendors would do something like this?

since we have no customer base yet,
ours can hardly be considered a commercial product

please help if you can, else mind your own bees wax
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Subject: Re: news help

i apologize if i offended in any way

my time is so tight, i have been posting replies in order to share
as much information as possible without re-replying to every common
question -- i do try to keep it impersonal, but lately i have an
attitude problem, and it really is not your fault

note, however, that BECAUSE this "would be" product is the only one
we know of that offers true OO data modeling, with behavior encapsulation
AND persistence AND function overloading AND polymorphism AND dynamic
binding AND cross-DB referential integrity enforcement AND ANSI standard,
COMPLETELY (w.r.t. 32-bit) PLATFORM INDEPENDENT function API, ours is NEWS
worthy of distribution in any C language or related discussion group

if you do not believe me, send 20 bucks and i'll ship you a package

>Newsgroups: comp.lang.c,comp.lang.c++,comp.object,comp.databases.object,comp.unix.programmer
>Subject: ...more on C_Monster
>Summary: OUILA! crossposting is easy...
>Keywords: persistent object database ANSI C c stdio
>Message-ID: <S7+ctAhMBh1...@gcar.lerctr.org>
>Date: Tue, 1 Mar 94 19:41:38 -0600
>Followup-To: opportunity,to,participate,in,new,product,rollout


>Date: Mon, 28 Feb 94 18:43:42 EST
>From: mbal...@align.com (Mitchell Balsam)
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>To: geo...@car.lerctr.org
>Subject: More information on your package
>If you have any information about your product, in writing,
>it would make it much easyier, to send you the $20.
>What do I get for $20, a working copy, a demo copy or a description.
>Mitchell Balsam

Dear Mitchell, please tell all your friends...

You get sample application source, function header, Turbo C v2 .OBJ files
as well as the fully linked, executable sample application, API documentation,
some sample licensing contracts and info on other available distributions

The cost is paltry, considering what may be learned simply by examining
the distribution package -- your interest is sincerely appreciated

As a permanent guest in a more or less permanent Internet domain, it
would be extremely foolish of me to misrepresent myself or my product

...my only reluctance to be more verbose is an honest lack of time...

>Newsgroups: comp.lang.c,comp.lang.c++,comp.unix.programmer,comp.object,comp.databases.object
>Subject: opportunity to participate in new product rollout
>Summary: alpha release of C_Monster available at low cost
>Keywords: persistent object database ANSI C c stdio
>Message-ID: <OJ+dtAJBBh1...@gcar.lerctr.org>
>Date: Fri, 4 Mar 94 19:37:18 -0600

we have a persistent object database engine for DOS/MVS/OS2/UNIX that
interfaces directly to ANSI C code -- the MS-DOS 80286 runtime library,
C headers, function API doc and sample application may be licensed at
this time for $20;  execution of a "reasonable" nondisclosure agreement
is required for other distributions -- this is an Alpha release

C_Monster allows you to "roll your own" application -- it acts as
a repository for your objects and provides for complete, classical
object oriented data modeling, as well as flexible and sophisticated
retrieval techniques;  both full and partial data encapsulation are
supported, and while method logic is bound at compile time, method
invocation is context dependent;  dynamic binding of attributes and
relationships is achieved without sacrificing performance or storage

*YOU* may be able to help us bring this product to market -- we
will certainly work with you on licensing, and our policy regarding
royalties is specifically designed to help new developers get going

if you need support for another compiler or platform, we may discuss
forming a restricted source distribution agreement, depending on cost;
theoretically, any 32-bit platform with ANSI C can be supported,
and as of this time, the *only* platform_specific logic in our
plans is EBCDIC-to-ASCII translation for the 370/MVS version

extensions we want to see include:

        <*>     sample classes for popular objects,
                particularly graphical and game-related

        <*>     interpretive ODB class editor,
                preferably supporting ASN.1

        <*>     interactive database browser/editor

        <*>     c++ interface layer

please send a check or money order to cover handling costs
($20 US) for a copy of the alpha, so you may review the
materials before proceeding...

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