IPC message facility on Sparc

IPC message facility on Sparc

Post by Gianni Schicc » Wed, 28 Nov 1990 07:01:18

Can anyone out there send me some code that demonstrates interprocess
communication using the message facility? I wrote a server process to read
messages from a buffer, and a client process to write messages to a buffer.
Both processes are able to determine the message queue identifier via a call
to msgget, but when the client process attempts to write to the message
buffer, it fails due to an access permissions problem.

If you have an example of client-server communications using the message
facility  you could send me, I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance.

--Doug Smith
  Systems Programmer and Grad. Student
  University of Arizona


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Please help. I am using Solaris 2.5.

When I issue ipcs command, I get the following message.
   Message Queue facility not in system.
   Shared Memory:

I tried the following commands.
    # modload sys/shmsys
    # modload sys/msgsys
    can't load module: No such file or directory
    # modload sys/semsys

Looks like I can't active the "msgsys". What shall I do?

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