compiling on dos from sysv via rsh

compiling on dos from sysv via rsh

Post by Gerhard Ot » Thu, 19 Nov 1992 21:42:05

Hi all !

I've to setup an awfull configuration for a big software project and get it
to work as soon as possible and need some input:

- several sysv machines (30-40) including sco, apollo(domain/os) using
dsee for configuration and developing managment;
- some i486 pc's (20-30); on these machines the intel C compiler ic86
must be running to produce binaries for a special 186 target hardware.
- all connected via TCP/IP

Because of developing under the dsee environment the compile jobs must be
started on the pc's via rsh(rcmd on sco,remsh on domain/os) and the pc's
must be able to mount the sources from the sysv machines.
In addition the pc's must accept more than one rsh job at a time,
so they need some multitasking features.

OS/2 with TCP/IP and NFS isn't a solution,because you can't start a dos
programm(the ic86 compiler) on an OS/2 Server with rsh or rexec, at least
after a week experience in trying to do this.
Next theoretical solutuon could be PC/TCP from FTP with DESQUview/X;
this configuration should offer NFS capabilities and an rshd feature
on the dos pc, but i haven't tried it yet(any comments?).

If this doesnt't work, .... ???????

Any input or experience with this kind of problem would help me
to get on with this thing. I'll summarize an repost.
Thank's a lot,

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