Unix Project Leader and Programmers

Unix Project Leader and Programmers

Post by Ron Ro » Sun, 22 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I'm looking for some serious Unix programmers. Folks that like to fool
around with threads, and shared memory, and high transaction rate IPC's.  
We are assembling a small but very talented team for some good solid
White Plains NY area. (914) 777 5600 Ron


1. CA-C, Unix Programmers and Project Leader

6 month contracts available for C Unix Programmers in Sacramento, CA.  
Looking for multiple C, Unix Programmer and one Project Leader. Will
develop interfaces for billing application.  Please call Kelli Johnston
with Toner Corporation at
601 University, Ste 225
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone 1-800-500-5339
Fax (916) 649-0352

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