crypt library??

crypt library??

Post by Jens Moell » Wed, 13 Jul 1994 19:25:09

:       I am trying to compile the pop3d daemon for SCO (v 3.2) and it
: cannot find the crypt routine.  According to the man pages on crypt, there
: should be a libcrypt.a library somewhere, but it is not there.  Does
: anyone know where I can get the library.  

I don't know where your libcrypt.a library has gone, but you may
obtain a substitutional implemenation of crypt via ftp from

Perhaps that helps,


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System 5 isn't very precise. Xenix said System V on the box too.

Lng190? Is that old? It isn't listed in the current info file for SLSs,
the crypt SLS has been lng225b for a long time.

I asked this at SCOFORUM yesterday and was told to expect an OSR 5 crypt SLS

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