Survey results

Survey results

Post by Robert Ind » Sun, 02 Aug 1992 00:17:10

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Earlier this month, I asked people in a number of newsgroups for pointers
to information on interface tools or toolkits that I could use for building
"evaluation" interfaces for yet-to-be-decided software.

I have just posted the results to the newsgroup "", under the
snappy little title of "Interface Toolkit Survey Summary (300 lines)".  For
those using grep, I believe that "Inder" is a pretty distinctive surname.

This seemed better than sending it to every newsgroup to which I posted the
question.  If people feel it should be posted in this group, too, please
let me know.


Robert Inder        HCRC, 2, Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh  EH8 9LW Scotland

Robert Inder        HCRC, 2, Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh  EH8 9LW Scotland


1. Firewall Survey Results


During March and April of this year, Shake Communications conducted a
Firewall survey based upon user perception. Many people sent us E-Mail
asking for the results and it was our intention to post them to relevant
newsgroups and mailing lists. Therefore we have provided a brief summary
below for everyone to read. The full report can be viewed at


Anna Johnson
Marketing Director
Shake Communications Pty Ltd


The Usage and Perceptions of Firewalls Study conducted by Shake
Communications Pty Ltd is now complete. The full report can be viewed at

In brief, the study involved a survey of 150 information technology
professionals, from different countries, who are subscribers to security
related mailing lists and Newsgroups on the Internet, in relation to their
use of, and preference for, firewall products.

The results confirm the clear lead CheckPoint Software Technologies, Inc has
in terms of both market share and reputation (for making the best firewall
product - CheckPoint Firewall-1). CheckPoint holds 35% of the market
represented by the sample in the survey, with the next highest market share
of 6% held by Trusted Information Systems for its product, Gauntlet Internet
Firewall System. A 7% share is held by Secure Computing over both its
Sidewinder and Borderware products, which hold 2% and 5% of the market

In addition, 35% of the sample regarded CheckPoint Firewall-1 to be the
"best" firewall product, with only 8% voting Trusted Information Systems
Gauntlet Internet firewall System as the best. Interestingly, this is
slightly more than the 6% who actually used Gauntlet.

In other findings, 51% of the sample reported that their organisation
conducts a firewall audit every 1-2 months. This is generally performed by a
Firewall/Security Administrator (35%) or an external consultant (23%). The
most commonly used operating system among the sample is Solaris with a 29%
share of respondents, followed by Windows NT with 21%. 40% of the
respondents work in the Computer/Information System/Information Technology
industry. The industry with the next highest representation is manufacturing

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