Real time clock (RTC) and UNIX

Real time clock (RTC) and UNIX

Post by Primary Industries Trading Gm » Tue, 29 Sep 1998 04:00:00

We are running SCO UNIX Rel. 3.2 v4.0 on a Compaq SystemPro.
As per Compaq, theSystemPro (no Flash ROM) will not handle the
year 2000 correctly.

However, can SCO UNIX recognize the year 2000 and change/write
into the real time clock of that computer or is it necessary
to do
that date change manually on the 01.01.2000 ?

Friedrich Kriesmann


1. Kernel Real Time Clock (RTC) Support for I2C Devices

I have been unable to find an answer for this in the LKML archives, so I
am hoping someone on this list might perhaps have some insight or pointers
thereto on this question.

I have an embedded board with a PowerPC 405GP on which Linux 2.4.2
(MontaVista's version thereof) is running swimmingly. Attached to that
PowerPC's I2C controller is a Dallas DS1307 I2C RTC.

From the looks of drivers/char/rtc.c it would appear that this kernel
driver only supports bus-attached RTCs such as the mentioned MC146818. Is
this correct?

What is the correct access method / kernel tie-in for supporting such an
I2C-based RTC device using the "standard" interfaces?

My hope is to use 'hwclock' from util-linux w/o modification. Is this


Grant Erickson

 Grant Erickson                       University of Minnesota Alumni

  o                          1998 MSEE

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