Problems Compiling ddd-1.2

Problems Compiling ddd-1.2

Post by E.A. Sing » Sat, 24 Jun 1995 04:00:00


Re: ddd-1.2 X De*

I'm trying to make ddd-1.2 on a hpux system but although configure recognises
my system and environment compilation falls over with the following message
when compiling strings.h:

   ./strings.h: At top level:
   ./strings.h:33: storage size of `ddd_fallback_resources' isn't known
   *** Error code 1

Does anybody know how I can sort this out!? I'm new to C and thats why I need
ddd in the first place!!!



1. Linker problem compiling ddd 3.1.3 on AIX 4.1

I'm trying to build ddd 3.1.3 on AIX 4.1 with
gcc 2.8.1. There are known problems in AIX documented
in the PROBLEMS file in the ddd distribution:

This was the first error I received.

configure had already done the first step for me.
However, this didn't fix the TOC overflow problem.

This also didn't fix the TOC overflow problem.

I no longer get a TOC overflow, but now I get the following problem.

$ make
==> Making all in ./ddd...
make[1]: Entering directory
Building ddd-3.1.3-powerpc-ibm-aix4.1.4.0...
c++  -Wl,-bbigtoc -o ddd-3.1.3-powerpc-ibm-aix4.1.4.0 ddd.o etc...
collect2: ld returned 12 exit status
make[1]: *** [ddd-3.1.3-powerpc-ibm-aix4.1.4.0] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [all] Error 1

Has anyone come across this problem before?

Calum Mitchell.

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