Reformatting file before ftp transfer

Reformatting file before ftp transfer

Post by jef » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I'm a unix newbie printing a text file to disk and running an automated ftp
script that places the file in a network directory.   I'd like to transfer
the file with a set page lengh, width, font, etc... to be accessed with
Windows Notepad or Word.    Is there an easy way to cat the output file with
a desired page size?



1. file transfer: FTP or FTP ?

look at FSP

FSP is a very nice file transfer program that was posted to comp.source.misc
a while back. (or was it alt.sources)

FSP is connectionless, and if a line goes down between you and the server
all you notice is that the transfer does not finish until after the
line comes back up.

FSP is also VERY easy on the server machine.  There is only one process running
no matter how many people are requesting files.  So 100 people all requesting a
30 meg files will not effect the machine too much.  (However the transfer rates
will get slower and slower..)

FSP is designed to replace Anonymous FTP so there are that many controls over
who can read files.  (You don't log into any account on the host machine.)

If you can't find FSP or want more information send me e-mail.

Wayne Scott

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