GIF pictures on root window?

GIF pictures on root window?

Post by Logan Sh » Sat, 11 Nov 1995 04:00:00

>How do get a .gif picture to appear on the root window?

>I used to work out west at Jet Propulsion Lab, and they ran BSD UNIX
>(4.2?), and it seems to me that the command was "xsetroot -root
><filename>" or something.  Now I run SunOS on a SparcStation 1, and
>the man pages on xsetroot only talk about bitmapped (2-color)
>displays - no full-color ones.  I would appreciate any help.

xsetroot in general doesn't support GIF format images.  However,
xloadimage typically does, and it has an option "-onroot" to load in
the root window instead of its own window.  Alternatively, you could
use "xv" with the "-root" option.

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        Who could I put color pictures on root window?
        xsetroot doesn't seem to allow this.

        I'm using XFree86 2.1.1 ( X11R5 ) and would like to
        get a working Linux binary to do this. Pointer to sources
        are also welcome. I just don't know whether I'll
        have enough space for all development libraries ...

        By the way, if such a utility is already included
        in XView package I'll probaply have it on my disk already,
        but where... such an utility doesn't seem to be included
        in stoch XFree.



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