random number generator followup

random number generator followup

Post by Mike Matthe » Sun, 30 Dec 1990 11:24:21

Wow!  Talk about fast NetService!

The answer was, of course, obvious.  Dave Fetrow suggested I use the pid of

a gettimefday call (which I haven't gotten to work yet, but it's a neato idea).

I have the crontab.local file run my script every minute now, and I haven't
heard a repeat yet.  It isn't truly random, with only using the pid as the
seed; it's a series, sort of -- the numbers increment by five in this case,
wrapping around of course.  This is fine with me, since the total number of
sounds I have for this cause (ahem) is not a multiple of five.

If any NeXT user is interested in the stuff, I'll Email the code to them.

I'm sure my office mates will kill me, too... :->



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        I am using random()&01 to get a binary random
number. Turns out if I generate more than 50 numbers,
the last 30 or more are all 1s or 0s, i.e., my random
number generator is not random!

        Worse, if I generate 500 numbers, 497 are 1s.
The fraction of consistent numbers increases as the number
of trials increases.

        Any clues? Anybody got a pointer to an FAQ where
I can get a random number generator that is random?

Thanks in advance,


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