Need good magazines for Unix programmers?

Need good magazines for Unix programmers?

Post by B.G. Mahe » Sun, 27 Sep 1992 03:25:49

I would like to get a list of good magazines which I can
subscribe for Unix programmers (not *users*). Please
respond by email only.



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Need good magazines for Unix programmers?

Post by Aryeh Friedm » Sun, 27 Sep 1992 09:16:51

>subscribe for Unix programmers (not *users*). Please
>respond by email only.

Can you please send or post a summery of what the titles and prices are, for
one I know I am intrested.


1. We Need Good Unix Programmers!

Sorry, about all of the Cross-Posts, I'll only do this once...

I work for a company that is looking very hard for good Unix programmers.
People who understand and can program to the very core levels of the Unix
operating system (drivers, kernel etc...).  We have a huge development
initiative underway and our HR dept. can't find the talent to fill the
desks.  We're based in Southern California, but there's nothing saying that
we can't hire people part-time or full-time from anywhere.

Please send your responses with resume to:

Carl Engstrom

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