ANNOUNCE - Xpm pixmap short tutorial

ANNOUNCE - Xpm pixmap short tutorial

Post by Neil Mack » Thu, 14 Jul 1994 19:14:48

Available from /contrib/docs/xpm_tut

Tutorial objectives
        Know the applications available for creating Xpm format files.
        Know the recommended sizes for icons.
        Know the pixmaps required for a Motif button.
        Know what transparency means when referring to Xpm files.
        Know the type of functions the Xpm library offers.
        Know how to create pixmaps from Xpm format data files.
        Know how to create XImages from Xpm format data files.
        Know how to create transparent icons.

The Xpm tutorial is copyright to CoreFacts but may be freely distributed.

CoreFacts offers a fully developed 20 Module X/Motif training course
in postscript format for use by Education, Training Organisations &
Commercial Companies.
Introductory Price 995 pounds sterling, Normal price 1500
Yearly maintenance 350 pounds.

Cost of course 995      Average std/year 40
                        Cost/student     24.86
Training Org.
Cost of course      995 Average std/year 20
Public course cost 1000 Profit/year      19005

Cost of course      995         Use inhouse or contracted expert.
Public course cost 1000        
For a team of 10 cost per programmer 99.50
Run as fulltime, lunchtime or evening tutorial sessions.

CoreFacts runs Public X/Motif Programming courses in Cambridge, UK
Duration 5 Days.

Neil Mackie
Training Manager
Tel. +44 223 574786                     CoreFacts
Fax. +44 223 359055                     Cambridge, CB4 2TZ

Building Partnerships in Education & Training around the World


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