syslogd hogging

syslogd hogging

Post by KarHon » Wed, 02 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hi Everybody,

I've been using 'monitor -top' recently.
My syslogd daemon is using 70 to 80% of the CPU resources. It has been
like this for three days already.
Other processes are just using 0.5 to 3% of resources.

Is there anything wrong with the system performance/tuning ?
Any advise would be appreciated.


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The syslogd is using 70-80% of CPU time.

I did not specify any mark interval in the syslog.conf file. The ONLY
statement in the config file is

user.warning       /tmp/

I used 'monitor -top' utility. syslogd is THE only(besides the kernel)
eating up that much resources. The rest are just 0.2 to 2%. I have not
set up e-mail for proper usage, so no issue. I was told that this
syslogd hogging don't happen last time. I AM THE ONLY ONE FOOLING AROUND
WITH THIS SYSLOGD IN THIS MACHINE. I did not make any major changes.
Currently the daemon is killed to prevent any user complaints.

BTW, I've tried running the syslogd using 'syslog -d' in debug mode.
Once this happens the output to screen KEEPS on SCROLLING, the daemon
seems to keep on reading messages on some address. I have to use another
terminal to kill this process. I'm not able to open another window in
the same terminal to kill the running syslogd. Any advice would help and
would be tried out.


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