Assembler and Conditional Compilation (C Preprocessor)

Assembler and Conditional Compilation (C Preprocessor)

Post by Joerg Brueh » Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:00:46

Dear readers,

I have a question about the "typical" (or "*") capabilities
of various C compilers:

- If I use the C compiler on C files ("xyz.c"), it first runs
  the C preprocessor to evaluate conditional compiling (and other)
  So it is useful to pass "-Dsymbol" options to the compiler.

- I can also use the C compiler on assembler files ("xyz.s").

Now, will a C compiler (specific: "gcc" or the native ones of AIX,
HP-UX, Solaris, or Tru64) apply the preprocessing rules to
assembler sources as well?
In other words: Is there any use to pass "-Dsymbol" options to the
compiler when it operates on assembler files ("xyz.s")?

(I am _not_ looking for a way to do it, I rather ask myself whether
I will lose any useful functionality when I force our tool chain
to drop any "-Dsymbol" option in such a compiler call.)

Regards and TIA,
Joerg Bruehe

Joerg Bruehe, SQL Datenbanksysteme GmbH, Berlin, Germany
     (speaking only for himself)


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