Rate of a flow

Rate of a flow

Post by Marco Fabian » Tue, 29 Aug 2000 04:00:00

How can I send packets  in a specific moment with a specific rate?
...i open a SOCK_DGRAM socket and then I use sendto(..) to send packets

The only way is to use sleep() usleep() nanosleep() functions before
sendto()? or there are other ways?


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1. Serial cards with CD,CTS/RTS flow

G'day all.

I have installed a Intellicon 8 port serial card into my SCO UNIX 3.2 v4.1 .
I can talk to the modem (USR Dual Standard V.32bis locked at 19200) but
the control lines (DTR, RTS/CTS) don't beheive properly.  I'm using V2.15b
of the Intellicon serial drivers that came with the card.

Has anyone got any ideas? I don't think its my setup, but here it is
anyway...  The modem does have flow control on..

ACU     tty4A   -       19200   atdialUDSSTD
V32     tty4A   -       19200   atdialUDSV32    
HST     tty4A   -       19200   atdialUDSHST    
STD     tty4A   -       19200   atdialUDSSTD    

4A:23:respawn:/etc/getty -t60 tty4A p


I think its in the driver software, that isn't compatible with this version
of UNIX ?  (Did SCO change the way serials are driven in the last year or so?)

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