WANTED: Advanced Programming in Unix Env. by Stevens

WANTED: Advanced Programming in Unix Env. by Stevens

Post by Daniel Blancha » Mon, 24 Jan 1994 11:51:59


I checked out "Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment" by Richard
Stevens from our cs library, and I think it's great.  If anyone is selling
a used copy, let me know, as it is quite expensive.


(P.S.  I only posted this to comp.unix.programmer, is there any other
applicable newsgroups?  thanks)


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1. compiling examples from stevens 'advanced programming in unix' book.

did anyone succeed in compiling the code-samples from the book
'advanced programming in unix' by richard stevens?

I cannot build the libmisc.a library.

if you tried it and succeeded please contact me through my email:

P.S.  Also, if anybody is familiar with additional running code examples
(that run under linux, ofcourse). I need code for advanced programming,
for example: system calls, IPC.

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