Need advice on LynxOS

Need advice on LynxOS

Post by Tony Denau » Thu, 31 Jan 1991 06:38:14

I have just purchased LynxOS for my 386 cpu. I would like to convert an
application running on a Sun workstation to run under LynxOS. My application
is made up of 5 processes communicating using messages and shared memory.
Currently the application uses XView (XWindows) to display status and
accept the users input. Using a window interface is nice since my kbio
process can accept input in one window and my textio process can display
the state of variables in another window.

What facilities does Lynx provide to service console I/O?
After looking at the Lynx documentation, I found a atc (PC/AT keyboard
and console) driver, but  I can't seem to find reference to the curses
library. I was thinking of converting my application to use curses
on the sun, then porting it to lynx.

I know Lynx support X windows, but we've decide not to use it for this application.
Can any LynxOS programmer give me advice on this subject. Thank you.

Tony Denault


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