ENXIO error form accept() call

ENXIO error form accept() call

Post by Alessio Gordi » Mon, 19 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hi group,
I have written a server program that listens on a certain port,
then accepts incoming connections (revealed by select()) with the
accept() call. Then, for each connected client, using the same select()
call I monitor for incoming requests from clients, and serve the answer
back for each request.
I have also written a test program that launches 100 clients; each of
them connects to the server and then sends 50 requests, delaying
each of them by a random time (0 ... 1 sec).
The problem is that SOMETIMES (e.g. for some clients) the connection
is not accepted by the server, and errno set by accept() is ENXIO
(that means "No such device or address").

Why does this happens ?

Thank you very much

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