Linking .SO's Snafu...

1. NCSA 142, Solaris, 'will not follow link' on non-link

(I hope this isn't a FAQ...)
We're running NCSA httpd 1.4.2 on Solaris 2.4.  We just installed it

The user home directories are on the /export/home filesystem - ie
/export/home/doug.  /export is in the root filesystem.  There are no
symbolic links.  My home directory and public_html directory are
world-readable/searchable, as is index.html.

If the user directory in access.conf is specified as:

<Directory /*/public_html*>
AllowOverride all
Options Indexes ExecCGI

Then I get the following error message:

[Tue Jul 11 11:47:32 1995] httpd: will not follow link
[Tue Jul 11 11:47:32 1995] httpd: access to /export/home/lou/public_html failed
for localhost, reason: client denied by server configuration from -

Adding 'SymLinkIfOwnerMatch' doesn't change it.  Likewise if I install the
'SymlinkIfOwnerRoot' patch.  The server was restarted each time.

If I specify 'FollowSymLinks' then it works fine, even though no symlinks
are involved.  I'm puzzled by this... suggestions ?  A Solaris-Ism ?  (it
doesn't happen on AIX).



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