Key bindings in ncurses

Key bindings in ncurses

Post by William Lac » Sat, 17 Feb 2001 06:16:13

I am teaching myself to program with ncurses in my spare time and have
been looking for some simple examples or information about binding
keystrokes etc.

I have been perusing the source of dselect and have had some luck
understanding how this works.  From what I can tell ncurses makes it
fairly easy to map a number of non-printing keystrokes to functions
provided in "menu" and "form".  I found a chart of ascii chars that has
helped but does not have all of the keys that I would like to detect.

 I am still a little shakey on the implementation- it seems that
creating a struct with the name of the keypress and a pointer to the
desired function is a good way to map these things together.

Anyway, does anyone know of a good tutorial, example or otherwise
helpful documentation?

I am interested in input loop examples as well as information about
detecting non-printing chars, etc.

Thanks ahead of time for any help :)


1. Ins key in ncurses applications?

I have compiled MouseLess Commander for Linux.
It should mark (tag) the selected file when I press Ins key but it doesnt.
C-t works ok

It uses ncurses' KEY_IC but when I press Ins key the only thing
I get is something like  ]]2~  in the command line

I dont know if its a problem of my terminfo database or my
ncurses package (1.8.5)

I have also tested KEY_IL, KEY_EIC and many others
KEY_DC has no problem but ncurses doesnt seem to know I have an Ins key

BTW, emacs recognizes Ins key as insertkey

Has anybody been successful using Ins key in ncurses applications?

thanks in advance

Jose Manuel

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