Which source code control system to use ?

Which source code control system to use ?

Post by anna besprozanna » Wed, 23 Dec 1992 23:48:17

Sorry if this was discussed recently ...

We are trying to select a source code control/management system.

I am aware of SCCS (use it now), RCS + CVS, PVCS, Aide-de-Camp,
and shapeTools.

If you use one of these or some other tools in UNIX environment,
please comment on it's features, and the way you use it.

Of special importance are:
        - ease of integration with makefiles
        - keeping track of multiple directories
        - "named baselines" (e.g. foo.c(2.1.2) and bar.c(2.3.11) constitute
          release 1.1 of xyz)
        - price

Please e-mail, and I will summarize.
Thank you,

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1. Which cross platform Source Code Control System are available?

I am looking for Source Code Control Systems/Version Control Systems that are
available on UNIX platforms as well as on PCs (DOS/MS-Windows).

Aside from DOS/MS-Windows the following UNIX platforms shall be supported:

                SunOS4.1.x, Solaris 2.x,
                HP-UX 9.x,
                Irix 4.1.x, Irix 5.x,
                SINIX 5.41 (Intel), SINIX 5.41 (Risc),
                AIX, Ultrix,

Since I know that among the platforms mentioned above there are some very exotic
ones, source code access would be very nice. In particular, public domain or
shareware products are of interest in this context.

Can anybody point me to some products, sources, .... ???

-- Thomas Oeser

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