help with threads

help with threads

Post by Manbir Prih » Sat, 09 Jul 1994 03:37:40

I'm looking for additional documentation and/or examples of usage of the
lightweight process (lwp) library under SunOS 4.1.

The contents of the SunOS manuals isn't sufficient.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly


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1. HELP: Linux thread inside a thread ...


I am new to thread programming & socket programming, and I really need
help in this.

I have create a thread (threadA), and inside this thread, I create another
thread (threadB). threadA is listening to a port for any incoming request.
Whenever there is an incoming request, it will create a thread (threadB)
to accept the request, and keep monitoring for any incoming data. I have
use the select() to detect for any data, and use ioctl(socket, FIONBIO,
&one) to make the recv() unblocked. However, when I run my program, I find
that when threadB is created, threadB is running all the time, and threadA
does not get its chance to run at all!!! This prevents threadA to accept
any new incoming request!!!

So how can I make threadA and threadB to be running at the same time (i.e.
share the CPU time)?? I really appreciate any help & suggestions.

I am using Linux, using the glibc-2.0.5 with linuxthread.

Thank you.

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