Anyone ever write a driver for an Adaptec 152x series controller?

Anyone ever write a driver for an Adaptec 152x series controller?

Post by Mitch Lewar » Fri, 19 Mar 1993 08:58:39

If so, HELP!



Greetings and Happy New Year.

Need Adaptec 152x/AIC-6360 SCSI controller drivers for FreeBSD 3.3 install
from CD-ROM.

I am installing FreeBSD 3.3 on an older Compaq machine.  The machine has
'two' SCSI controllers.  The first an Adaptec AHA-1522A, to which are
connected a Seagate ST31200N hard drive and a Mountain Series 2100 tape
drive.  The second a Soundblaster 16 (with an AIC-6360L chip) with a Toshiba
XM-3301TA CD ROM drive attached.  The machine is currently running FreeBSD
2.2.2 (on a second physical IDE drive), sharing the configuration with WIN98
(on a primary IDE physical drive, the boot drive) by means of System

I would like to reformat all drives (two IDE and the SCSI described above)
and install FreeBSD 3.3 from CD-ROM.  However, sysinstall does not 'see' my
CD-ROM (described above), and I am thus unable to perform the installation.
I am leeryof 'upgrading' the 2.2 installation, for fear of losing access to
the CD-ROM drive and issues posed by booting from the second physical drive.

I would be most grateful for pointers to the driver and feedback on this

Best regards,

Jos Lugo
Rowley, Massachusetts

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