My FIFO doesn't work right!!

My FIFO doesn't work right!!

Post by Gooshy Goos » Tue, 26 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I've got a program that I want to produce output for a file every
time the file is opened, so I decided that named pipes (FIFOs) were
the ideal method.  Anyway, I mknod'd the file, and it fork's every
time the file is accessed.  After the fork, it puts something out
on the file, and then the child quits.  The parent does a waitpid
waiting for the child to exit, and then goes back and does it all

The only problem is that about 3/4 of the time, the program spews
about a random number of outputs in a row... As in, if it's supposed
to dump the number of times it's been accessed, and sometimes it
will print:

Access 10...
Access 11...
Access 12...
Access 13...
Access 14...
Access 15...

instead of just "Access 10...".

Previously, I was just trying to close the fifo, not using the fork,
but that never closed the fifo... it read forever.  The fork works
most of the time, but I DON'T GET WHY IT DOESN'T ALL THE TIME!
What's the heck is up!  The program is running under Linux 1.2.13
(slackware distribution originally).


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I've been trying to get SMAIL to work even remotely on my Linux 1.1.2
box.  I had no problems getting it to receive mail it just won't send

When I do a "smail -v {address}" it reports that it does in fact,
make an smtp connection to the correct host then it simply sits.  
Locked... dumm.. no movement...  I've tried everything possible and I
just can't get past this.   I am sure that I am the only one who ever
had this problem... I just thought that someone might be able to shed
just a little light?  I've been working on this problem for the past
10 hours today and all this week and have gotten exactly no where...
Conclusion... smail was included as a joke right?  Well you got me...
I should not have spent so much time on it... maybe there's another
system to use... freeBSD??  I even considered buying a sun.. at least
I can call them for help.

Please?  It's late... 10 hours nonstop on one dumb problem is enough
to drive anyone nuts.




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