programming books

programming books

Post by Michael Grabenste » Thu, 31 Dec 1992 03:41:20

        I am looking for some recommended titles of programming
books. I need to learn BSD Sockets, IOCTL calls, IPC, Semaphores, shared
memory and other advanced topics in 'C' programming on UNIX. (all on
the same "level" as sockets and IOCTL)

        Please, e-mail, Thanks :-) I could summarize my findings, if
there was enough encouragment.

Take care,

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1. O' Reilly open-books Motif programming books...

Interesting.  Now, one can freely download the troff source of these
books.  All of a sudden, Motif is open.  I personally think it's an
interesting toolkit.  It seems to have an interesting balance of old
school/new school X.  I like it.  Microsoft likes it, too, having copied
some GUI elements from Motif for Windows.

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