Terminal Emulation (VT220) Library?

Terminal Emulation (VT220) Library?

Post by Doug Swing » Fri, 05 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Any advice on progamming vt220 emulation with C/C++?  Where could I find any necessary libraries
(preferable free)?

1. vt100 & vt220 terminal emulation produce different PS1

I dont have PS1 set in /etc/profile or .profile of the user.

I login as a user from a Win95 vt100 emulation, and using QvtTerm vt220
emulation. The vt220 produces the correct PS1 ( just the '$' ). But the
vt100 emulation has PS1 set to the current PWD variable. This was set
before. I have logged in and looged out many times. I checked all the
/etc/rc* directories if anything is set, but nothing. Also, strangely
the 'env' output from the two sessions are also different. There is a
TERMCAP variable
set in the vt100 'env' output.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appresiated. I would appreciate if you
could send an email to my personal address also.



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