Max/min TCP buffer sizes?

Max/min TCP buffer sizes?

Post by Ke Ji » Wed, 04 Oct 1995 04:00:00

>Hello all!  I'm writing a little Sun RPC program. I'm using the
>clnttcp_create and svctcp_create calls to create the client handle
>and service transport.  To both of these calls, you pass integer
>arguments specifying the size of the send and recieve buffers.

>My question is: Are there any limitations to the size of these buffers?
>Maximum and/or minimum?  In my mind it doesn't make sense that there are,
>but my boss told me that such a thing exists.

        That depends on what buffers you and your boss are talking about.
        I believe your boss means the socket send/recv buffers which
        are inside the kernel space and have an up limit variant from
        system to system(roughly around 50K to 60K ). And you are talking
        about the xdr record making layer buffers which is inside user
        space and only limited by available memory.



1. Max and min packet sizes of STREAMS modules

    I am a student new to STREAMS. I am doing some research on TCP/IP
Ethernet in which I need to know how data is fragmented in STREAMS-based
networking implementations. Does anyone know the max and min packet size
specified by each of the TCP module, IP module, and Ethernet driver?
How can I check these values at run time?

    I find out by using the ndd command in Solaris that TCP has a
tcp_xmit_hiwat and tcp_xmit_lowat settings. How do they related to the
max and min packet size of the TCP module? How do they related to the
socket buffer sizes if I am using sockets? I cannot check anything in
using ndd.

Thanks in advance,

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