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Is this a good newsgroup for asking lex
questions?  If not, would some one kindly
point me at the appropriate group.

Dave Doolin


1. Lex maximum - Error when compiling with "lex"

I am trying to compile a long lex file, and am getting different errors.
I am using an SGI, with IRIX 5.3 and lots of memory.  When I reach the
lex limit, I first get:

"lex_test.l":line 423: Error: Too many positions for one state - acompute
3756/8000 nodes(%e), 5716/20000 positions(%p), 2/4000 (%n), 0 transitions,
8/20000 packed char classes(%k), 0/16000 packed transitions(%a), 0/24000 output slots(%o)

I increased the parameters to:

%e 10000
%p 30000
%n 5000
%k 30000
%a 20000
%o 30000

The results when compiling with the previous options are:

"lex_test.l":line 430: Error: Too many positions for one state - acompute
3756/10000 nodes(%e), 5716/30000 positions(%p), 2/5000 (%n), 0 transitions,
8/30000 packed char classes(%k), 0/20000 packed transitions(%a), 0/30000 output slots(%o)

Has anyone had this problem, and solved it?

Ruben Yanas

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