How do I get CMS ACD Stats from G3 switch to ASCII

How do I get CMS ACD Stats from G3 switch to ASCII

Post by Dearl W Joyc » Tue, 26 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I need to get CMS ACD stats from ATT g3 switch into an ascii file.
Can I print to file?

After doing that...
How can I get the data out of the unix workstation running the ATT CMS--
It does not have a floppy.

Can I print file to port?  and capture the data with a Laplink (or
straight through cable) to a DOS PC?

Can I schedule this?

My ultimate objective is to get the data off the CMS g3 to ascii file to
input into an excel spreadsheet so I can make trend charts...
And eventually totally automate the process.

If you can help please email to

Thanks in advance.


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Also, I have no problem producing postscript
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I think ghostscript is supposed to convert postscript
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