multicast using tcp/ip sockets

multicast using tcp/ip sockets

Post by Asam » Tue, 13 Dec 1994 09:30:57

Is multicasting supported via the socket interface to tcp/ip?
Does it depend on the socket implementation and/or
type of network? Has anyone actually programmed multicasting
using sockets?

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    I have a question about the sequence of operations I am trying out.

-   A UDP server is started on the local machine listening on address
INADDR_ANY and port 9001.

-   A socket is created and bound on the 'loopback' address (
and on port 9002.

-   The server socket has an option set to listen to multicast address.

    The client (bound on loopback address) sends data on the machine's
IP address. This data is received at the server. The client then sends
data on the multicast address to which the server is listening to. The
server does not get the multicast packet.

    If the same program is run on SOLARIS the multicast packet is

    Here are my questions -

1)  Can I send a multicast packet on a socket bound on the IP loopback

2)  If yes, then does LINUX implement this functionality.

3)  If I get the packet on the server, how can I find out if it came on
the multicast address or on the unicast address.

    I know that I am setting the server socket options correctly,
because when I bind the client to the local IP address and send the
multicast packet the packet is received at the server.

Thanks for your answers and time.


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