Setting the buffer for a Socket.

Setting the buffer for a Socket.

Post by Sod Lo » Sat, 29 May 1993 22:34:55

Hello Everyone,

  I've run into a small problem with an application that I am writing
with sockets.  I'm attempting to use two sockets to send information
between two clients.  (Actually the same program, but they run on
different machines and need to share information.)  Now the
information that they need to share is relatively small.  A few bytes
here and a few bytes there.

  When I implemented the sockets I ran into a large performance
problem.  The only thing that I can imagine is that the sockets are
waiting for a buffer to fill.  If that buffer doesn't fill in such and
such length of time it sends the data sooner.  Momentarily I've eased
the problem with time, by making the sockets asynchronous (i.e. no
reply sent back when data is accepted.)  I would rather reduce the
buffer? (is there one) or reduce the wait before information is sent.
Is any of this possible?

Thank-you for any and all replies!!!

J. Fritz Barnes