Document Control Programs for UNIX

Document Control Programs for UNIX

Post by Violet L » Tue, 19 Jan 1993 06:07:50

This is for a friend. . .
Steven Louie

I am curious to know if there is a document control application available
on UNIX systems.  This application would control all product docuementation
so that the information can be sent to the client by accessing this
document database.  

If the developer were to enhance the product, then the developer
would put a lock on the Document and then add his or her changes to
the written document.

It is then logged and the document specialist would then look
at the documents specifiedy by the logging information for grammar
and spelling mistakes that the developer would have made
(developers were not hired for their ablity to write).

I know that this exists as a MS-DOS product, but is there one for
UNIX systems? If so, where could  I find more information regarding
such a product.

Thank You.
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Violet Lee.