What is the 64 bit stat function call name for C in GNU

What is the 64 bit stat function call name for C in GNU

Post by James » Fri, 27 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>What is the name of the C stat function that will return a 64 bit
>integer on a Solaris based Platform?

Hello.  There is no "stat()" function defined in the Standard C
language.  Since you mention Solaris, your best bet would be to
solicit help from the experts from a newsgroup dealing with UNIX
systems.  I have crossposted to comp.unix.programmer and redirected
followups there as well.

On Solaris, there are three "stat()" functions that retrieve data
about file status.  These are stat(), fstat() and lstat().  Each of
these return a value of type int.

There is also ustat() which retrieve file system statistics.  It also
returns a value of type int.

There are also the kstat*() family of functions that retrieve kernel
performance data.  Many of these return pointers to structures.

There is also the rstat() call which retrieves performance data from a
remote kernel.  It returns an enum type value, which might be 64 bit.
Probably not, however.


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