HELP: Installing 8-port serial card on SCO SYS V/386

HELP: Installing 8-port serial card on SCO SYS V/386

Post by Kevin Mey » Thu, 11 Feb 1993 22:09:12

Hi there,

Could anybody out there please point me in the right direction with this
problem I am trying to solve:

I have to make an 8-port serial card work in a 80386 running SCO UNIX
SYS V/386. The card has 8 serial ports that all use the same IRQ line
(programmable 2-5). The ports can be programmed into 16 different base
address groups, with for eg: group 8 using adresses 2d0, 2e0, 2e8, 2f0,
2f8, 3e0, 3e8, 3f8. Group 0 uses 240, 640, a40, e40, 1240, 1640, 1a40,

Can this be done?  Please reply if you have had any experience with the
above.  By following the default path in 'mkdev serial', I can get tty1a
to work, but none of the others (tty1[b-h]).

Thanks for any help,

Please could you reply via email, rather than posting a follow-up. Thanks.
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