Stevens' book : UNIX network programming

Stevens' book : UNIX network programming

Post by Rhee Je H » Tue, 24 May 1994 20:38:37

Dear netter,

I'm Jehun Rhee, TA at CS Dept of Soongsil University.
I'm going to teach undergraduate students network programmming
with your book, UNIX Network Programming.

Is there any one who had any summarized paper or lecture note about it?
If there is one who had it, could you send me a copy of it?

Any information about it will be helpful to me.
I'll wait for your answer. Good bye.

                Sincerely yours,


1. compiling examples from stevens 'advanced programming in unix' book.

did anyone succeed in compiling the code-samples from the book
'advanced programming in unix' by richard stevens?

I cannot build the libmisc.a library.

if you tried it and succeeded please contact me through my email:

P.S.  Also, if anybody is familiar with additional running code examples
(that run under linux, ofcourse). I need code for advanced programming,
for example: system calls, IPC.

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